Some douche-bagel friends from NYC set up a haunted house in an abandoned hotel in small-town Abaddon, New York. Unknown to the city slickers, the hotel was the site of various murders and suicides, and they go cluelessly poking around in the dark interiors of the haunted building, blythly recording their misadventures to the aid of the soon-to-be forensic investigations of their tragic but inevitable deaths. There’s also a wrap-around story about a documentary crew trying to get to the bottom of the happenings.

So, this movie is a star of the developing sub-genre of the haunted haunted house. It’s… competent. Not much else to say, really. No boobs, which would have helped (duh).

UPDATE: Upon re-watching while paying more attention, I bumped this up a couple points. It did have some pretty good moments. Still could have used some boobs though.


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